Inspiration:What’s in your heart?

Since childhood you have kept a list of the things that either you wanted to be or have. So, at this point in your life, what is your heart telling you?
 OK, let us begin with me. Every single day, I pray that I continue to serve the living God with a passion and great humility as a church pastor, church planter and an administrator.  I believe that the University of Hard Knocks and my pastoral training and ministry have prepared me for any of the three.
What about you? Which of the following does your heart desire?
1.To be an administrator/leader
2.To have a good job/career
3.To have an understanding spouse
4.To buy a house
5.To migrate to another country
6.To be a peace maker
7.To turn my life around
8.To complete my studies
9.To have children

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