Matsanga’s Confession: Why I carry poison detectors to check my food and drink.

Known for his outrageous and vocal opposition to the Kenyan cases at the International Criminal Court (ICC)  David Nyekorach Matsanga talked to The Nairobian about his relationship with Robert Mugabe, his ‘multimillion’ truck business and how he  “picks perfumes of African presidents.”

You are Ugandan yet you are so passionate about matters Kenyan. You even live in Kenya. Why?

You should know if Kenya burns, Uganda burns. We get our food and goods from Kenya. I am also a taxpayer here so I have a right to speak my mind. I live in Kenya yes, but I won’t say where for security reasons. I don’t have bodyguards since I have been a soldier since 1979. So if you come for me be ready for a fight.

Some critics have claimed that your doctorate and other academic qualifications are dubious. What do you say?

You can doubt if you want but the school I went to is in London. A very formidable university called Guildhall University, now London Metropolitan University, between 1991 and 1997, where I obtained my master’s degree too. They can give you my student number if you ask them. It’s in London Oldgate East near Tower Bridge. I have a PhD and several honorary degrees. Ask me anything and I will answer. I was interviewed by 14 professors (for the doctorate). The problem is I don’t have white hair, and many here believe you must have white hair to be learned.

Some people say you acquired the name Matsanga after you failed some exam as a child and you had to re-sit under another name.

Our clan is Matsanga and anybody thinking of me failing an exam must be idle. To fail an exam is not a big deal. People do fail exams, but what they do is to make sure they pass them. Did I pass? Yes. Have I made myself up to here? Yes. Why don’t you ask me about Nyekorach? How did I get the name? It’s my rebel name. Just like Museveni is not his real name but rebel name. Garang (John, former South Sudan leader), Salim Saleh (Museveni’s brother), those are war names, not real names. Every refugee and former rebel must have an unreal name. How many passports did Raila forge, under different names? One, Abdalla Hussein, was in the passport we helped him get to Sweden. Do you question that? Why do you question Matsanga?

Besides fighting the ICC what do you do for a living?

I have businesses running between Uganda and Kenya. I have cars and trucks. Several powerful Mercedes and big BMWs…Not those small f**king cars!  I also have a fleet of 27 trucks transporting goods from Mombasa to Kigali. And I employ only Kenyan drivers. It’s tragic that Kenyans view me as an alien yet I am paying and increasing tax here in their country. I have an office that I have rented for ten years in Chester House first floor near Voice of America, which is being tapped by the American CIA because VOA is CIA. Go and check. I have four personal assistants who are Kenyans. I was also a senior consultant for Sky News for Africa for 10 years before I got terminated after the ICC prosecutor claimed I doctored the witness list. I was earning $130,000 (Sh11 million) per annum, which is more than that of a Kenyan minister. I am also a practicing journalist in this country cleared by Media Council of Kenya.

It is alleged that you killed a man in a bar in Mbale (Ugandan town) back in 1983. Is that true?

That is a false allegation from which I was cleared by a judge. It was a misconception and rumour. It is not even worth discussing. Right now I am high profile individual travelling in many countries and if I was guilty I could not have been able to do that. I go to Uganda and I meet (President) Museveni. If there was anything of that nature do you think I would be here?

Is it true that sometimes you carry poison detectors to check your food and drink wherever you go?

Yes I do. You notice that I have not taken even a single sip of my tea. It is a simple pen that I dip in the food and it changes colour. It detects what is in the food or drink. It is just like the alcoblow. One of my pens is also looking at you from my pocket and recording as we talk. That’s how I blew up the ICC witness number four.

You have been linked with Joseph Kony (Ugandan rebel leader) and Robert Mugabe (Zimbabwe’s president). What is your relationship with these two?

Mugabe pays me up to now. These good suits you see me wearing is because he gives me good money to do publicity for him through my various media companies. I am his public relations guy through my three companies. I met Mugabe after I oversaw Zimbabwean elections as an independent observer in 2000 which were free and fair. He is one of the most honest presidents on planet earth. If he tells you he will give you something, he gives you and that is why I like him.

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