“Nairobi Women Remind Me Of Sodom And Gomorrah”-Kenyan Artist


The new dancehall sensation Blaqy has come out guns blazing, hitting on ladies whom he claims ‘abuse fashion in the name of keeping up with the trend.’

The controversial artiste whose song ‘Show me’ caused an uproar from the public and got allegedly ‘banned’ by Kenya film classification board because of nudity and its explicit nature  has turned against the same people who made his video a hit, the ladies . 

The artiste says
“Nairobi has the most notorious fashion abusers that leaves one wondering if they really took time to look at the mirror before stepping out of the house. looks.
The most abused attires range from hot pants, stocking, bras, miniskirts and mini shorts. Ugandan government passed the law barring ladies from wearing anything that is above  the kneel but Kenyans have embraced the western culture that is being emulated from television.
As much as the public is silent about the whole issue it’s not that they have given the practice a thumbs up, but rather have been forced to go silent because ladies have developed a defense mechanism of no one should or can advice then on what to wear.
If one takes a walk around the city one will wonder if we are in Sodom and Gomorah or in the midst of the devils kingdom. Women put on very tight bras with the intention of making breasts firm, even those who admire breasts are left wondering if that should be the advertising mode. What these ladies forget is that not all breasts are admirable; others should be kept covered because they irritate.
Unfortunately not even the weather will force them to dress up and cover the subject matter. Even during the cold season you will see them in tumbo cuts, others whose backs are wide open more than “mgongowasi fish”.
“As an artiste I feel so ashamed whenever I walk around town because the goods are on display one does not have to hide to sample the privacy of a woman because what should be private is no longer private, ni kama kukulia mandazi kwa kioo” said Blaqy who seemed irked by the manner which Nairobi girls dress

He then continues “ One wonders why all these women who find happiness in walking almost naked too fast to complain why no man is noticing them because most of them are single. No man wants to have a woman whose nakedness is a subject to public display; men will have nice time with such women but when they want to get married they will go for women whose legs a have never been exposed to light. They will go for women whose legs can be parted only after a strong fight.
It’s high time they decided to either walk naked or just cover up because after all what they display in not new to us, we have sampled every size and color that we are no longer interested on what they have. Some have ugly enhanced looks that have turned to have scales, shapeless thighs that you will never admire even if you are paid millions.
This madness has to come and end.” He concludes solemnly
Ladies, what say ye?


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