Photo of Raila’s Facebook page Admin who is demanding Kshs. 3.5Million


Sometime early this week, former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s Facebook account posted two successive updates which could only mean the opposition leader was at the verge of releasing some damning, or earth-shaking ‘unknown’ to bear on Uhuru government, or his party, ODM, currently faced with internal power games.

Even as supporters celebrated and competitors jeered, the two posts were ‘strange’ as their tone sounded ‘un-presidential’ and, to be extreme, irresponsible.

However, it is now emerging that the ODM leader did not make the posts and he is not in control of the account. According to blogger Robert ALai, a close ally of the former PM, the post originated from a Mr Aron Shaviv who is holding the account illegally.

A quick search online revealed the following information about this strange twist in the ODM party leadership.

Aron Shaviv is a leading international political strategist who has advised and consulted for some of the top political leaders across Europe, Asia and Africa. Shaviv has recently been named as the recipient of Campaigns and Elections Magazine’s 2011 Rising Star Award for International Political Consulting and the Best International Campaign Award in 2012.

Shaviv specializes in winning election campaigns for the center-right, and offers public opinion research, campaign strategy, management and communications services to political parties and candidates, elected officials, opposition leaders and heads of state.

Shaviv has worked with senior political leaders in the U.S., U.K., the European Union, Spain, Slovakia, Israel, Malaysia, Kenya, Egypt, UAE, Cyprus, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Croatia, Ukraine and others.

Curiously, in Africa, Shaviv has operated in only two countries, Egypt and

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