Ruto visits Likoni Church,tells terrorists time is up


MOMBASA, Kenya, March 30 – Deputy President William Ruto on Sunday visited the Joy in Jesus church, Likoni the scene of a violent terrorist attack last Sunday in which six Kenyans were gunned down by terrorists and said that the country’s security agencies were closing in on the perpetrators of the heinous act.

The Deputy President confirmed that already two of the suspected terrorists had been gunned downed and another one injured adding that the security agencies were closing in on remaining members of the terror gang with a view to bringing them to book.

“These people will not escape, we will not allow the devil to take over this country,” he added.

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He urged Kenyans to continue enjoying the freedom of worship as enshrined in the Constitution noting that no amount of terrorism will deter Kenyans from going to places of worship.

“Aside from the freedom of worship, Kenya is a God fearing nation; therefore there is no terrorist who will prevent us from worshipping God,” he said.

The Deputy President at the same time hit out at radicalization of the youth in the country, saying Kenyan children should be taught an education that will be helpful to them and the country.

“We want Kenyan children to be taught an education that respects God, not be taught how to become terrorists or murderers,” he said.

Noting that terrorism will not serve any religious or political cause , the Deputy President observed that the government had incorporated leaders from all religious and political persuasions in fighting terrorism in Mombasa and the country at large.

He said the government had instructed security agents in Mombasa not to do anything else until they arrest all those who were involved in the shooting of worshippers at the Mombasa church last Sunday.

Noting that the terrorists are dangerous people, Ruto asked security forces not to spare the use their skills and weapons in subduing and apprehending the criminals.

“Though the Bishop (Kalu of Mombasa Anglican church) says we preach to the terrorists to get saved, we shall jail them, and any preaching will be done to them in jail.” he emphasized.

“These people are using dangerous weapons to kill and maim innocent people and we must meet them with equal force to subdue them, anyone who shoots to kill worshippers in church is a devil.”

Saying no one will use religious sanctuaries to further terrorism in the country; Ruto warned that security forces will follow the terrorists wherever they hide including in churches and in mosques to stop them from radicalizing the youth.

“No criminal will use the sanctuaries to shield themselves from arrest,” he said.

He cautioned the youth against being misled that they will go to heaven if they commit murder and other atrocities saying they will end up in jail and those who die will burn in hell.

“Let no one cheat you that you are going to heaven if you kill people,” he said.

Ruto announced that the government will settle all the funeral and hospital expenses for those who fell victims of the terror attack.

He gave Sh2 million from the national government towards that cause while the county government of Mombasa gave Sh1 million.

Leaders who spoke at the church condemned the attack noting that it was not in the Muslim nor Christian interests to kill people.

Mombasa senator Hassan Omar said more resources should be given to security forces to up their game as terrorism was spoiling the image of the country and destroying the economy.

He said all Kenyans had a right to live in Mombasa irrespective of where they came from adding that the entire leadership of Mombasa will protect them from any harm.

The Leader of the Majority in the National Assembly Aden Duale said the terrorist activities recently witnessed in the country should not be misinterpreted to mean that there is religious animosity between Christians and Muslims.

He asked Muslim leaders to stand up and fight terrorism saying they should not bury their heads in the sand when sections of the country are burning.

“We must stand up and fight these gangs. Muslims leaders must lead from the front in removing these people who want to destroy our country,” he added.

The Leader of the Majority in the Senate Kithure Kindiki said there is need to come up with a well coordinated body under a single command to respond to the threats of terrorism in the country.

Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho pledged the commitment of his county government to the fight against terrorism in the coast region adding that those perpetrating terrorism were not advancing the cause of Islam but were criminals who should be treated as such.

Noting that the terrorists live within the people, Joho appealed to residents of Mombasa to report any terrorist in their midst to the

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