Objections by William Ruto’s party URP led to the cancellation of a meeting at State House last Tuesday where leaders of the Maa community were to meet the President and formally decamp to TNA.

According to multiple sources, Ruto and his allies were unhappy with the meeting between President Uhuru Kenyatta and leaders from Narok County because they believed that the meeting would have open ways for TNA to penetrate Maasai land.

Yesterday former Cabinet Minister William Ole Ntimama who was going to lead a team of defectors confirmed that URP leaders were unhappy with their visit.

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“There were URP leaders including MPs who were not happy with the visit to Statehouse. I do not know what their problem was so we decided to call off the meeting for better reason,” said Ntimama.

Before the last election the two parties entered into a political deal where they divided the country into zones. South Rift Valley, where Ntimama comes from, was zoned under URP and Ruto’s party grabbed all the seats from Ntimama’s ODM party.

Those who were elected MPs on URP include MPs Moitalel Kenta (Narok North), Ken Kiloku (Narok East), Lemein Korei (Narok South), Patrick ole Ntutu (Narok West) and Gideon Konchella (Kilgoris).

In the entire county, only Emuria Dikirr MP Johann Ngeno was elected outside URP. Ngeno was elected on Kenya National Congress party which is headed by former assistant minister Peter Kenneth.

“They see URP as Kalenjin party and thus wanted to kick it in the teeth by joining TNA. But they stumbled where they thought they were safest. The bosses have said that Jubilee is a package, take it or leave it. It isn’t either or but both,” a TNA source said.

Officially, State House said that the President was “under the weather” and could not hold the meeting though he had earlier in the day launched the EACC strategic plan.

Ruto reportedly told the President that the meeting was going to undermine the good working relationship TNA and URP enjoy as Jubilee coalition.

Some Maa leaders led by Kajiado West Moses ole Sakuda have been wooing the Maa community to ditch other political parties and formally support TNA. Sakuda was elected on a TNA ticket.

It had been indicated that Ntimama, who has been in ODM, was to join TNA during the State House meeting, a move ODM Leader Raila Odinga termed archaic.

“The perception is that TNA is boxing URP, trying to take away certain political zones which were agreed are to be under the control of Ruto’s party,” said an insider in the party.

“The meeting could not take off. It was an extension Maasai-Kalenjin war in Narok,” said another source. On Wednesday, Adan Duale, who is perceived to be close to Ruto, openly lashed out at Sakuda on the floor of the House accusing the MP of spending parliamentary time organizing unimportant meetings for Maa leaders at State House.

The Garissa Township MP, who is also the Leader of Majority in the House, said Sakuda should prioritize his parliamentary duties instead of spending time trying to organise meetings of Maa leaders to meet the President.

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