Are You a Whosoever?

“Spring shows what God can do with a drab and dirty world.”
Virgil A. Kraft
The melody of chirping birds, awaken the dawn
The beauty of colourful tulips, adorn the ground
The fragrance of flowers blossoming, perfume the air
The tender buds on trees shoot out to life
The blades of grass so green sprout alive
The dark days and nights, replaced by light
The drabness of winter forgotten, nature and humanity come alive
All around us, the message is clear, surely spring is here!
Would you believe it? We are ¼ way into the year. Time just seems to fly. Do you have the
same feeling too? Just the other day amid fireworks and sizzling crackers, we made resolutions
and set goals. “This year will be different”, you thought silently. Or with a loud shout (like me),
you welcomed 2014, and dared to dream. Today you woke up and… May is weeks away!
Where does time go???
For those of us who live in counties that have snow, spring is the season we wave cold, drab,
and dark winter goodbye. And while it snowed in Atlanta, am I glad we had a snow-less winter
in Bonn Germany. Gone are the looking-out-of-the-window short days. As we shed away the
winter woollies, pullis, and Eskimo attire, this is an ideal time to grab the opportunity the
season offers. A time to de-clutter the inside, and outsides of our lives. Spring cleaning as we
re-organize our closets. The nights are shorter and the sun shines longer. Its a time of growth
and renewal. Life is great!
Its a good time to rejuvenate and review the year so far. Are things going as you planned on
January 1st? If not what’s working, what’s not and what’s next?
Like me you may need to take some hours, days, or weeks off the regular rate-race of life and
reflect on how things are going. I went “off the rader” and Facebook for 40 days. And though
at first I had some withdrawal symptoms, it has been such a refreshing and productive time;
am considering another 40 day Facebook rehab till May! I not only decluttered my mind but
offloaded a lot of stuff and activity so I can travel light and achieve my objectives. There are
just too many things that compete for our attention, sometimes its challenging to stay clear
and focused on the things that really matter amid all the noise and day to day activities. Our
dreams can get bogged down in the clutter of life on the tread-mill. Taking time to get off the
fast lane and let go of everything that’s not conducive to the success you desire, your vison
and purpose, helps keep priorities right and a healthy balance in the journey of life.
There are six areas in our lives where we may need rebirth or renewal. One, some, or even all
may be dead and need to be resurrected. Even if in the natural it looks like nothing can
change, remember the tomb Jesus was laid in is empty – there is hope for your dead situation
too. Now read on… and let hope be rekindled. You can experience revival this Easter and like
spring your life can blossom again. Below are the areas where we need a healthy balance.
1.Spiritual – God and Faith
2.Physical – Health and Fitness
3.Relationships- Family and Friends
4.Personal – Mental and Recreation
5.Career – Business and Work
6.Financial – Money and Assets
These broadly represent various aspects in our lives. They may not necessarily be in the above
written order of priority; however, I believe the first two are possibly the most important.
What good are millions if you have no purpose and meaning in life? Many people try to fill the
spiritual void with money, material things and dead end philosophy’s. We all know of
successful personalities and rich Hollywood stars who are empty and depressed in search of “a
deeper” meaning of life. They have a lot to live on but nothing to live for. Others look for
fulfillment and happiness in substance abuse, alcohol or promiscuous lifestyles hoping to find
that thing or person who will make them complete. Likewise, what good is the best job in the
world and a happy family if you are lying in a hospital bed sick and unable to enjoy them both? When we sacrifice our relationships at the alters of career and business, we may find ourselves
with lots of money but no loved ones to enjoy it with. What good is a huge beautiful mansion if
it is not adorned with love and laughter? Unless you invite phony friends who only love your
When the 1st three areas are out of balance, something is amiss. We may live in denial, be
ignorant or oblivious to this truth, but if we want to enjoy life, lets find out and fix whats not
working. It is my conviction that the beginning of true fulfillment, peace and the ability to
enjoy our money and life begins with a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Because
that void in our hearts is God-shaped and no material stuff, substance abuse or person can fill
it…If there is an area in your life that seems dead, may the words He Is Risen cause hope to
rise in your heart. God can restore your relationship to Him, your marriage, health, business,
vision. The truth that Jesus conquered death means because He lives, the areas in your life
that are not happening can receive new life. As it is written: “Just as Christ was raised from
the dead, through the glory of the Father, we too may live a new life”. Romans 6:4. If you can
only have faith, and do your part you can achieve your God-given dreams and goals. Because
with God, all things are possible. For those who believe…
So will you dare to believe in my crucified – but risen Redeemer who loves you and makes all
things new? Accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior is not a promise that all will be perfect on
earth, but its a promise of eternal life. An assurance of help, guidance and strength in the
journey of life. When you know you have your priorities balanced and Gods got your back
through the good and bad times, you can have perfect peace in the midst of any storm
because your Creator, the Maker of heaven and earth is right there in your boat.
My prayer for you this season is that God will revive the dead areas in your life, rekindle your
dormant dreams, and renew a passion for His purpose – as you reawaken to the true meaning
of Easter. “For God so He loved the world, He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever
believes in Him will not perish, but have everlasting life.” John 3:16.
You are in this world dear reader, so whosoever includes you…
Happy resurrection Sunday and God bless!
Copyright © Nancy Gathecha

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