Celebrated Kenyan Anchor Zain Verjee Explains Why She Is Leaving CNN After 14 Years


Celebrated CNN anchor Zain Verjee has officially hang her boots. The Kenyan Canadian journalist who was a host of CNN’s European daytime program is an inspiration to many and even with all her success in the journalism industry, she has maintained her humility and is still one of the most down to earth celebrities.

Zain is one of the few Kenyan exports that are doing a great job flying the Kenyan flag and throughout her 14 years at CNN, she has maintained professionalism and proven just why she is no ordinary journalist. she recently revealed her year long struggle with a chronic skin disease psoriasis to send a strong message to all the girls who look up to her- that beauty is only skin deep. So what better way to bid her fans farewell than by sending an emotional note- one that captures

“To all my wonderful and inspiring friends and colleagues around the world,

This is to let you know that I will be leaving CNN today.    It’s been 14 years of friendship, growth, excitement and the greatest privilege anyone could ask for.  From Nairobi to Atlanta, to Washington and New York to London and every major capital around the world in between.  The assignments have been incredible.  I would like to thank each and every one of you for making it so special and so genuine for me.  I would like to start a new chapter in my life, one where I grow in a new direction, and always with enthusiasm and energy.  I will be starting my own company:www.zainverjeegroup.com.   It will be a wonderful new challenge for me, and at a perfect time in my life.  I will be spending some time creating and writing which I find personally fulfilling.

Throughout my career, in various forums, I’ve been asked to tell students what piece of advice I would give them. I always quote a famous line” “It’s not of importance where you stand, but the direction in which you are moving.”  So, today, I will take my own advice.

Sending all of you a huge hug,
With all my warmth, affection and greatest respect,



Zain Verjee

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