illegal immigrants crackdown move to Nairobi’s South C,34 arrested


Police arrested 34 people Monday night in a crackdown on illegal immigrants in Nairobi’s South C Estate.

The operation is an extension of what has been going on in Eastleigh estate, to flush out terror suspects and armed criminals in the city.

Police say the operation will last for as long as they feel that there are still criminals.

According to Nairobi County Deputy Police Commandant, Moses Ombati, those who were arrested during the South C operation had no documents at all to support their being in the country.

“All of them were taken to Kasarani where the others who had been arrested in Eastleigh are being kept. They will all be vetted and we will deport those who ought to be deported of course after the court has dealt with them” Mr Ombati said.

He said the operation is conducted day and night through the joint efforts of the General Service Unit, the Administration Police and the Regular Police Unit.

Administration Police Spokesperson Masoud Munyi said the Eastleigh operation is still on going, despite the launch of the operation in South C.

“The operation will target several other estates in the city, especially those that we feel, are vulnerable to attacks by criminal gangs and terrorists. We must protect our people irrespective of their tribe, religion and colour” Mr Munyi said on Tuesday morning.

He reiterated that no community was targeted in the swoop, dubbed the ‘Operation Usalama Watch’, as the police want to sweep out every individual that is suspected to be involved in crime.

He asked Kenyans to support the crackdown and collaborate with the security forces as it was only done to protect them and assure them of their security.

“Any right thinking Kenyan should in fact be happy about the move by the police to get rid of criminals” he said.

Mr Munyi denied claims by a section of the public that the police conducting the swoop were taking bribes and harassing residents.

“Those are just false accusations meant to tarnish the image of the police force. Those who claim to have been harassed are just those that do not want to be arrested.

Mr Munyi assured Kenyans of their security during the Easter festivities.

He said an additional 3,000 police officers who will graduate from the Administration Police Training College would be deployed in several areas including the city.

“We cannot say that there is a terror threat in the city but we do not want to ignore the fact that our people need security” Mr Munyi said on Tuesday morning.

The festivities will be held amid several security swoops in the city which began two weeks ago in Eastleigh.

“People should just keep on with their businesses without worrying about their security. We are not under siege” he said, adding that the police have jointly put in place a mechanism that will make it easier for officers to move around.

A police officer stops a motorist at a road block set up in the Somali district of Eastleigh on April 9, 2014 in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi.  Police arrested 34 people Monday night in a crackdown on illegal immigrants in Nairobi’s South C estate. AFP PHOTO / TONY KARUMBA

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