Mother sells soap made from own breast milk, claims prevents nappy rash


China: A new soap made from breast milk that claims to cure nappy rash is proving popular in China.

The soap was invented by a new mum who found her baby son couldn’t take breast milk.

Instead of wasting it, she decided to make soap from it so he would still get some of the skincare benefits.

The soaps are proving popular on China’s answer to eBay and Amazon, Taobao.

With over 500 million registered users, Taobao has some unusual items.

The soap vendor writes that her creation is good for deep-cleansing adult skin but also helps prevent nappy rash on babies.

She has moulded the soaps into shapes likes teddies, rabbits, tortoises and fish.

She said: “I used to pour it all down the drain, but it seemed such a waste.”

NHS studies show that breast milk (taken in the usual manner) improves a baby’s chances of not developing skin conditions like eczema.

Experts also say breast-fed babies have less chance of diarrhoea and vomiting, fewer chest and ear infections and less likelihood of becoming obese.

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