Reasons Why You Have Not Kept Your New Year’s Resolutions


April is here. The first  quarter of the year is gone. Are you still living up to  your new year’s resolutions?

If not, I found out reasons this could be so and would like to share them with you, and it is never too late to start over again.


1. Commitment

It’s not that you weren’t committed at all. You were. Maybe you just weren’t as committed as you thought you were.

I’ve seen this happen in the workplace – a leader has a huge vision for growth. The organization restructures, launches a new initiative, and begins gaining momentum. Then the negative feedback starts – and it comes from influential people. That’s when you find out how committed the leader really was – and how committed the team really was.
To many, commitment doesn’t mean much anymore. But I know it means something to you – you meant it and you’re going to follow through. You’re going to reach your goal! So get back on track today.

2. Purpose

Your success is dependent upon your understanding of why you do what you do. Did you have a purpose? Was it compelling?
I’ve seen many people give up on a diet because the goal is simply to lose weight. And while that may be a necessary and worthy goal, after a few weeks the motivation to lose a few pounds gives in to convenience and comfort.
I had a goal to  change my diet and I lost 30 pounds. There was one reason – my purpose for doing so became a top priority in my life.
Revisit your purpose – if you haven’t thought through it, think through it now. Write it down. Make it memorable. Make it meaningful.

3. Distraction

Let’s face it – we’re all way too busy.

We live in a noisy world – a world of continuous distraction. Entertainment. Relationships. Family. Community. Technology. Life comes at you fast.

I’m not saying that these things – entertainment, relationships, fun, technology – are inherently bad. But your failure to follow through may simply be a byproduct of distraction – something other than your goal arrested your attention.

I have learned, to accomplish meaningful goals, you will have to be very intentional.

Yes – you’ll have to be obsessively disciplined. If you don’t control your time, your schedule, your calendar, there are plenty of people and endeavors that will gladly control it for you.
What was it?

What caused you to walk away from your goals? Your dreams? Your vision?

Whatever it was – it’s not too late! You are not a failure. Take a few moments to refocus on your original goal. If you had more than one – just pick one. Get moving again in one area. Take one step – today. As you make progress you’ll find energy and momentum to tackle more.April is here. The first  quarter of the year is gone. Are you still living up to  your new year’s resolutions?



By Elizabeth Ekakoro-Diaspora Messenger contributor


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