SHOCKING: Kenyan woman arrested trying to smuggle gold in underwear

Mumbai: A Kenyan woman flyer on Saturday was arrested at the Mumbai International Airport on charges of allegedly trying for smuggling of gold.
The woman has been recognized as Jama Dabir who was trying to smuggle gold worth approximately Rs.54 lakh by hiding it under the six pairs of underwear.

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Dabir had arrived at the airport from Nairobi at 2 in the morning by a Kenyan Airways flight.
Thereafter, as she started moving nervously, she was intercepted by the airport authorities. The female staff frisked her after which the gold was recovered from her.
An airport official said ‘We do passenger profiling based on certain parameters and picked on her. Our lady officers noticed that she was finding it difficult to walk indicating something amiss.’
She has been hiding the 2.14 kilograms of gold in her undergarments. The gold items included earrings, necklaces and bracelets. ‘The six sets of underwear provided support to jewellery’, an official told. The jewellery was wrapped in a plastic bag.
According to the custom officials, it was Dabir’s third visit to India and she was supposed to hand over the jewellery to someone. They believe that she might have smuggled the gold in her earlier visits to India as well.
Though, Dabir has not admitted to anything as yet. She was arrested under the Customs Acts for allegedly smuggling gold but was released on bail later.

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