The Diaspora:Understanding The Family Dynamics Of Immigrants


Understanding family dynamicsUnless you are in the Diaspora,it is not easy to understand the family dynamics of immigrants.Those in Kenya (Family members and friends) know the Diaspora as those privileged lot that you call on in times of need.But are they really privileged.

The book about understanding the family dynamics is a powerful tool that will educate those back home and help those in diaspora how to cope.

You are invited to the launch on Sunday May 4th 2014 in Baltimore Maryland.

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Click HERE for more info and to purchase the book.You can also reach Cannon Karanja at 443 564 1164 or 410 687 6774

Also,you are  invited to Grand Opening of St. Andrews I.C.C.A.E Church on Sunday May 04, 2014 in Baltimore Maryland.Below is the invitation letter.
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Re: Invitation to Grand Opening of St. Andrews I.C.C.A.E Church on Sunday May 04, 2014.
The Lord be with you. I’m writing this letter to invite you to join us during the grand opening of St. Andrew’s International Christian Community Anglican Episcopal Church and ordination of our brother Francis Chege. Our brotherly union and fellowship is the reason why I’m inviting you to cerebrate this milestone with us
The ceremony of opening and ordination will be conducted by The Rt. Rev. Bishop Eugene Sutton of the Diocese of Maryland and The Rt. Rev. Joseph K. Muchai from ACK Diocese of Nakuru, Kenya. Your inspirational music and presence at St. Andrews I.C.C.A.E Church will be a blessing to all of us and especially those who come from Kenya.
I’m also inviting you to witness the launching of my newly published book titled “Understanding Family Dynamic of Immigrants” on the same day at 1.00PM. The book addresses the experiences of Kenyans in the Diaspora and how to deal with difficult life issues. For more information about the book, visit;

Thank you in advance and keep up the good work.

Rev. Canon Dr. J. N. Karanja (D, MIN. CCP, MA. BA)
International Certified Christian Chaplain
Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor
Hospital Chaplain: HCGH, A Member of John Hopkins Medicine
Vicar in Charge: St. Andrews I.C.C.A.E Church.

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