Uhuru sought divine intervention to terror from Prophet David Owuor

ELDORET, KENYA: President Uhuru Kenyatta is apparently so much concerned about terrorism and organized criminal gangs that a major cause of insecurity that he sought divine intervention from Prophet David Owuor.

The prophet on Sunday revealed to Kenyans in the last national thanksgiving prayer meeting in Eldoret about a late night lengthy phone discussion with Kenyatta.

The televangelist said the president asked him to pray that the Kenyan youth get actively engaged in national building and run away from the devil mentioning groups like Mungiki, radicalization of the youth and terrorism.

“The president called and asked me to pray for Kenya at this meeting; he asked me to pray that the economy they are working on will grow robustly and absorb all the youth,” he said.

Apparently the president also promised to host him at state house where they would pray for the country after he comes back from a regional meeting he’s attending.

The president also requested the preacher to seek God’s intervention in weeding out tribalism and corruption in the country.

“That is why I bring it to you that righteousness must thrive in order to clear out evil, corruption, homosexuality, immorality and terrorism in the mighty name of Jesus.”

Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi who was present at the meeting expressed astonishment at the great multitude that had gathered for the sake of the gospel never witnessed before.

“Leaders must be humble before God and true to their call for real life that benefits Kenyans,” he urged.

He further noted that all leaders that will attend the prophet’s forthcoming meeting would have been led of the Lord.

“God is real and He heals, I acknowledge that the prophet is a true servant of the Lord,” he affirmed.

Sudi said it was incumbent upon Kenyans to support the prophet given that other countries the world over were extending requests of invitation to him-prove enough that he was much sought after.

“You have preached mysteries here today, let the truth be said just as it is. It is a high time that preachers ceased coercing their followers into giving money for prayers in the name of God just that their children my live good lives,” he condemned.

The legislator also revealed how he and Uasin Gishu governor Daniel Kiprotich approached the prophet in an Eldoret hotel in 2nd January to organize for the meeting in Eldoret.

“I must admit that we were jittery at first but were later puzzled after he answered all the questions we had posed at him,” Sudi said.

Turkana Central MP, himself a preacher for 16 years also present at the meeting said that the Deputy President must be a happy man following Sudi’s salvation.

“Ruto had tried for a very long time tried reaching out to Sudi for salvation especially when we had visited Nigeria,” he reminisced.

Lodepe made a Macedonian call to the prophet requesting him to take his meeting to Turkana County.


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