Video:Kenyan actor Benjamin Ochieng in new US movie


Kenyan actor Benjamin “Benji” Ochieng is featuring in a movie released in the US in March.

Mr Ochieng who currently resides in California is a cast member in an independent faith based movie God’s Not Dead which has been running surprisingly strong in the US Box Office.

The actor who also featured in the movie “Tears of the Sun” is playing the role of a Reverend Jude who is visiting the US for the first time and is looking forward to visiting Disney World.

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He meets up with Reverend Dave who dampens his excitement by telling him that the theme park only has the 16th tallest roller coaster.

However, Reverend Jude is the ever optimistic character. He refuses to dampen down saying that he would ride in it no matter what.

The Kenyan actor’s role is that of a man who no matter what goes wrong, his mantra is “God is good all the time…and all the time God is good.”


The movie which has been out since March 21 has grossed over $22 million in the box office finishing in the fifth place in each of the two weeks it has been playing.

Mr Ochieng who was born in Nairobi is married with three children and a grandchild.

He has become the go to man in Hollywood for those who need Swahili related roles.

He has also featured in US TV shows General Hospital and The Shield. He also featured in the episode of The X-Files 1999.

He is also known for his work in a short film Kwame where he plays a Ghanaian army general who flees Ghana and seeks exile in the US after a coup. He also starred in the movie Inception.

He will also be starring a in a new movie Default set to be released later this year. In this movie, he plays the role of a pilot where a travelling team of US news crew gets hijacked by Somali pirates as it prepares to leave Seychelles.
This screen grab shot shows a scene from the movie  “God’s Not Dead” which has been running surprisingly strong in the US Box Office where Kenyan actor Benjamin Ochineg' (R) is featured.


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