Video/Photo:Lady Who Became a Millionaire Selling Condoms & Promoting HIV Awareness


Dr. Faith Ndiwa is a lady with a keen eye on both business and community empowerment. The young medical practitioner definitely loves to grab headlines for all the positive reasons, and this time she has done it again. In 2013, she established a company that made it less awkward for men and women to purchase condoms without going through the “walk-of-shame”.

Dr. Ndiwa launched La Bonte Ltd, the first ever condom delivery company in East Africa with a service called “Dial-A-CD.” Through the service, clients have condoms delivered condoms at their doorsteps without having to go through the hustle of buying in a shop or chemist.

Faith says she was inspired to set up the condom delivery service from personal experience and the prevalence of HIV/Aids in Africa. Just 6 months after she opened shop, Dr. Ndiwa and her staff of 15 had a booming business as they have constantly received calls from customers who placed orders.

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Back when she started, she advised, “If you feel like having sex, just call inaletwa and you’re safe.”
A year later, Dr. Ndiwa is a millionaire, having broken even and reaped from huge returns.

Since she’s a doctor she also takes time to advise her clients on safe, responsible and exciting sex practices. Good job.

Young Rich Miss Ndiwa briefing her staff

Young Rich Miss Ndiwa briefing her staff



Photos courtesy of YoungRich.

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