Video:Trial of man accused of robbing Kenyan in Iowa starts


Cheeks is one of three men accused of robbing Mike Wasike and leaving him brutally beaten in the street last February.  Cheeks is charged with two counts of first-degree robbery.

Wasike is now confined to a wheelchair.

Cheeks sat in court and listened to opening arguments from his attorney and the prosecution Tuesday.

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The prosecution counters that Cheeks was not someone going along for the ride but was a very active participant in a brutal crime.

The prosecution called a number of witnesses, including the other attempted carjacking victims that night, the first two police officers on the scene, a crime scene investigator, and the doctor who initially treated Wasike.

Candace Ladwig also took the stand. She was the person who found Mike Wasike lying in the middle of the road at 50th Street and Twana Drive.

Joan Namachemo, Wasike’s wife, talked about the first time she saw him after the beating.

“I saw Mike on his back, swollen from the left side, bleeding from his mouth and eyes. I thought he was dead,” said Namachemo.

It is still difficult for her to recount the day her husband was robbed and beaten. Unable to communicate with her, she sees his frustrations.

The trial will continue Wednesday.

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