Wow Video:G4S Officer Who Should Be a Swahili News Reporter-Pure Talent

Namusasi Nyongesa, a G4S officer in Nairobi believes he can be the next big Swahili news reporter. At first I thought… I can read swahili news, anyone can read swahili news. Then I watched the video.

This guy can easily match the likes of Nimrod Taabu and Ahmed Dharwesh. His mastery of Swahili is splendid and he actually knows he’s in the wrong job.

In a Facebook post dated 19th September 2013, he posted this recording hoping to have his talent exposed to the “avenues of essence”.

Perhaps it now will.

This is a talent i have.kindly expose this to the avenues of essence so that i realise my dream. — at [email protected]


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