Bizarre send-off:Dead body in a rocking chair for viewing

The body of Georgina Chervony Lloren sits in her beloved rocking chair

This old lady is not resting in her chair – she’s actually dead and has been positioned that way at her funeral.

The body of Georgina Chervony Lloren, 80, was put on display at her wake in Puerto Rico yesterday.

Lloren, who died of natural causes on Sunday, was placed in her red-cushioned rocking chair and was dressed in her wedding gown from her second marriage 32 years ago.

It was the latest bizarre send-off organised by Marin Funeral Home.

The firm previously memorialised a murdered boxer by placing him in a makeshift boxing ring, and paid tribute to another person by positioning them on their motorcycle.

Lloren’s daughter, Miriam Chervony, said her mother came up with the idea for the strange wake.

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