Does President Uhuru Kenyatta love hooliganism: Sonko and Shebesh?

Jainism(Indian Religion) presents a case where ancestors return as living things. Ants, viroboto, and other living creatures. Those who follow this religion clean their sheets before laying on them to avoid mashing down a dead grandmother. However are our ancestors walking among us? Does that which our fathers were result in who we are? Is Uhuru really like his father? And should he be?

My father spoke of politicians as ‘prostitutes’. Given that he had a great many friends in politics, this idea came to me as a contradiction. A contradiction because you cannot call a thief a friend and then say you hate thievery! You see if your friends are thieves, then you must have some thievery in you! Therefore I sought to understand the wisdom of this man of the cloth. I asked him one evening after watching the report on the murder of Robert Ouko on television what he meant by ‘prostitutes’. He and I had at one time sat down with Robert Ouko and they knew each other well. He was saddened by his death. And it is in this context he expressed again his words, “politicians are just like prostitutes.”

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With his pastoral wisdom, he presented the case un ambiguously. When a politician knows that a certain person is popular, and he or she can get him votes, he befriends them. He pats them on the back and says, “You are the best. When I sleep at night, it is you I think of.” He explained. However, when he meets someone else with a better wit, he again turns to the new beauty like a smooth operator and says, “You my love are it.” He called me out, “son isn’t that political prostitution?” I thought about it!

Those words haunt me every time some villager walks to me and says, “Professor, you should run for office. You are the best our village has.” You see, there is a time when Uhuru Kenyatta, Kalonzo Musyoka, Raila Ondinga and Musalia Mudavadi were in the same party. In fact there is a time when William Ruto would sing and dance the Lake Victoria tunes in front of bullets. He and Raila Ondinga were great ‘political lovers.’ Now the whispers are in the ears of Uhuru Kenyatta, “you my love are the best.” People say politicians are never enemies. But there should be a separation between leadership and politics.

When Uhuru’s father was the president, he wanted to produce long lasting love affairs not just among those in government but in homes. He gave instructions to MPs and Senators to go home after work. He said, “When I am done with work, I go home.” He did not want MPs to be seen wondering around bars and clubs drunk and acting like hooligans. He knew that the friends you keep say much about the kind of a man one is. He knew the difference between a lover and a prostitute! As the president, he was looked upon by nursery school kids, primary school children, high school, university students and millions of citizens. He believed that consistency is the foundation of stability. Therefore he admonished the politicians not to be seen to be “Political prostitutes”, or be night wonderers without a cohesive family life. He also admonished them not to he seen to be thugs! They were to be seen to represent a firm foundation of a societal norm consistent with ultimate good.

When president Uhuru’s friends are seen to fight in the bar, walk around dressed like thugs, it begs the question, who is this man? When those who are entrusted with leadership are accused of participating in young university girl’s death after disco? One begs the question, who are these people? The person who commends a great respect and honor is William Ruto. He and his wife present a positive picture of the top leadership and it is commendable. I would credit his wife greatly. I believe she is a great Christian women who intends to lead our women into God’s GOOD. William Ruto is a great influence on our president and the nation should be thankful!

Bad company destroys good morals. President Uhuru Kenyatta is no longer just a Politician looking for political love wherever he can find it. Our nursery school children look up to him as a father. When many voted for him, they saw the picture of an old man with beard walking around his rose garden in Gatundu! A politician, yes, but not a friend of thugs and hooligans.

Teddy Njoroge Kamau (PhD) HTBluff Associates. #HTBluf

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