Inspiration:Things that make sense


I am sure I can bet on the fact that every one wants to live a happy life free from the daily drama. For one to live such a life that pleases both God and His children, the following only makes sense.

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1.Purpose in your heart to be a peace maker all the time. Don’t write, say or do anything that will annoy or make others uncomfortable.In all your communication with others be civil
2.If you are a leader, avoid partiality by all means by coming up with programs that benefit all as opposed to a few
3.Be willing to decrease for others to increase
4.If you borrow someone’s money be reasonable by returning the borrowed money at the time agreed without making any excuses
5.In any communication with others, once you have made your point, please pause so as to allow others to contribute as well
6.Avoid being annoying,irritating and repetitive all the time.
7.Memorize the eight lettered word (humility) and put it into practice daily
8. In all that you do, apply the golden rule as found in Matthew 7:12 “Whatsoever things that you want other to do  unto you, do likewise to them”
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