Photos:Colorful Kenyan wedding in Spain

The wedding between Mr. David Kirukumi Muchemi  son of Joseph Muchemi the former Kenya High Commissioner in the UK and Mariona daughter of Joan Lleal and Maria Grau of Velavenut, Girona, took place in Spain on Saturday 17th May, 2014.

The The wedding was one of the best ever attended. Some guests arrived in Spain a week earlier for preparations, others arrived throughout the week while the Seeds family arrived on Thursday 15th May, 2014. Guests came from USA, Kenya, UK and Canada among other nations. It was like four weddings in one.

It all started with a  dinner in an exclusive sea side restaurant on Thursday 15th May. Later in the evening the guests assembled for the Kenyan night where the former commissioner family hosted all the guests – the Kenyan way. Guests were treated with Kenyan food where a chef had been imported for this occasion.

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Several Kikuyu traditional rituals took place at the venue where David had to identify the lady among many other girls. After being identified the girl had to feed David with porridge but she had to do alot of work with her maids to persuade David to accept the porridge.

David gave all sorts of excuses that the porridge had no sugar and after putting the sugar he complained that he cannot take the porridge before his shoes are cleaned.  After this there was ngurario where David had to cut the shoulder (kûrenga kîande). Kenyan dance including “mûgithii” crowed the day where all the guest joined in up to Friday morning.

David and Mariona (left) cutting their wedding cake which looks like a house. On right is former High Commissioner in

UK Ambassador Joseph Muchemi and his sister Patricia Wambui who had flown from Kenya for the wedding.

The father of the bride Mr. Joan Lleal escorting her daughter into the church as the maids follows closely

Some of the Kenyans guests toasting at the Kenyan night in Spain. From right is Pastor Nderitu and his wife, Pastor Antony Kimani

and his wife, Mrs. Margaret Kinyatti and her Mum Pastor Jane Njiiri and finally Pastor Grace Ngunyi – all from London

David Muchemi identifying his fiance among other girls. If he misses a huge fine follows. Luckly, he was able to identy her. Below David fixing a ring on Mariona at the wedding.

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