Videos:Sonko and Shebesh Bar Fight


The drama queens are back. Mike Sonko and his frenemy Rachel Shebesh are back in the news, for more wrong reasons. A lot of shots have been fired by the two, and to no one’s surprise, actual shots were fired on Saturday night… I mean real gunshots.

Before we talk about the weekend drama, we need to have some background information.

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It started last year. It had been reported several times that the two city politicians were an item, and were actually shagging. Their meetups reportedly happened in top city hotels. None of that was proven, but Kenyans being Kenyans, you’re guilty until proven innocent.

Soon there was a fall out. It was reported that there was a physical confrontation at Crowne Plaza hotel, and from there things went south. Another physical confrontation at another top hotel was rumoured. Then there was the incident at Parliament where Sonko allegedly smashed Shebesh’s Galaxy S4. A few weeks later, we saw the popular nudes, which were arguably more detrimental to Shebesh.

We thought that the two reconciled, but as it turned out over the weekend, that’s not the case.

There are two versions of what really happened at Caribea restaurant on Saturday night. One has it that Shebesh was having a proper meal with some young men, when Sonko arrived with his goons and started insulting her.

Sonko’s version has it that he arrived at the Caribea with his mboys after a funeral, when he met a group of 30 people led by Shebesh threatening and shouting at him.

I don’t know which side is true, but reports on ‘Twitter’ have it that Sonko arrived with a group of women, ambushing Shebesh, who was allegedly with some young man or men. Apparently, they were baying for her blood, saying they did not elect her to be a cougar.

Grab your pop corns… this things keeps getting better.

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