Boko Haram Militants Attack Nigerian Villages 30 people killed

Dozens of people were killed in Nigeria after Boko Haram militants attacked villages in Borno state.

The gunmen are said to have opened fire on a crowd in a church on Tuesday.


Residents of Attagara village said that armed men whom they believed to be from the Nigerian military had ordered them into a church compound and opened fire on them.


A report from the Nigerian media indicates that at least six villages were raided and 30 people killed.


Nigerian MP Peter Biye said that there had been several similar raids in the area and that many homesteads had been destroyed.


The attack comes just hours after the Nigerian police banned public rallies in support of the release of more than 200 girls abducted by Boko Haram in April.


Boko Haram attacks have increased since a state of emergency was declared last year by President Good Luck Jonathan, in three Northern states where the militants are most active.


By Mildred Amoni

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