Ian Mbugua – The Enemy is from Within-Someone Wants To Make Kenya Seem Unsafe


The Mpeketoni attacks have raised questions even in the international scenes to the extent of UK’s Daily Mail comparing Kenya to Iraq. This matter has brought about mixed reactions among many Kenyans who are out speculating the forces behind the mass killings.

Some think it is the radical islamists Al Shabaab – who claimed responsibility, while others think it is political. TPF judge Ian Mbugua has also added his voice. This is what he wrote yesterday on Facebook

It is a high time we realised that this enemy we are fighting is NOT from outside. It is from within. Someone is out to make this country seem unsafe and to destabilize our economy. We need to resist anyone, ANYONE trying to divide us. Now, more than ever, we need to UNITE for the good of our country.

What are your thoughts on the #MpeketoniAttacks issue?

Check out Ian’s post on Facebook.


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