Is God disappointed or rejoicing over Mpeketoni: What would He Say?

Conspiracy theorists are out in force again. They are trading accusations about who and how and where and what and which of Mpeketoni massacre. Reason teaches us to remove ourselves from ourselves and make analysis based not upon our perspective, but to examine the facts. Let me analyze one fact that is un-deniable.

I say un- deniable because as a philosopher journalist and columnist, I have an obligation to not lie or twist the stories. They teach you research methodologies in graduate school: when you write a thesis, you are required by ethic to tell the reader when you are quoting another source to use as an authority. For example, “Vengeance is Mine, and retribution, in due time their foot will slip; for the day of their calamity is near, and the impending things are hastening upon them.” (Deuteronomy 32:35) This is not my narrative. Rather, I am referring you to what the Lord has instructed the persecuted, hated, rejected, and those mourning their families in Lamu. In essence, don’t revenge!

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Allow me therefore to quote from, “How I escaped from killers in petrol station.” This is a report written by a nation reporter on Tuesday June the 17th 2014. Mr. Nehemiah Okwembah was on the way to Lamu when Police stopped him on a roadblock. Police at roadblocks has stopped many of us who drive in Kenya. Therefore I have no reason to doubt Nehemiah’s account of the roadblock event. He says, “As we approached Witu, – 35 km from Mpeketoni – we were stopped by a police roadblock. He warned us not to proceed because there would be danger ahead. He did not elaborate, only saying he too had scant information. The time was 7.20pm. We chose to continue with the journey”. Nehemiah Okwembah

This by itself led me to believe what the president is saying. That the police knew about an operation. The police chose not to provide security for the citizenly! This is not speculation. This is not conspiracy theory. This is a matter of fact. That those poor innocent citizens died thinking, praying, hoping, that their security officers are there to protect them.

My father kept a Maasai panga by his bed. He said, “The only time I believe I have the absolute right as a pastor where I could use this panga, is to protect my wife and children from harm.” Thank God he never got to use it. But oh how safe we felt when he was at home!

The men who were shot died because, like little children, they trusted their police to protect them. They did what all law-abiding citizens do! Instead, the police knowing that there was an operation told the reporter, “don’t proceed there is danger.” If we could speak to the dead, they would lament that they trusted their lives to the Kenya police to no avail!

Today, I am not proud to be Kenyan. I am disappointed! Still I say, “Vengeance belongs to the LORD!”

Teddy Njoroge Kamau (PhD) HTBluff Associates #HTBluff

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