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Kenyans in Moreno Valley CA mourning the death of Susan Moody

The family’s of James Moody and Obadiah Ndanganga; wish to announce the passing away of Susan Moody (formerly Susan Njeri Ndanganga ) of Moreno Valley California,USA;which occurred on Friday June 13th, 2014 at Riverside County Regional Hospital after a long battle with cancer.

Susan leaves behind husband James Moody, daughter Jewel Wamuyu  Ndanganga and grand daughter Amy Njeri Maigwa Ndanganga of California,USA.

She was a daughter of Mr and Mrs. Obadiah and Grace Ndanganga , of California USA.

She leaves behind brothers; Paul Kimendero Ndanganga (aka Mendez) of Kenya, Elijah Methu Ndanganga (aka Mesh)of California USA,Joseph Mucura Ndanganga(aka Chuchu) of California USA.

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She was a grand daughter to:
Blanche Wangeci Methu USA , the late  sub Chief Elijah Karoga Methu, and the late Helen Njeri wa Kimendero.

She was niece to :Isaac Methu of USA ,Elizabeth Mshila Methu of USA, Anne Gichanga of USA, Vicky Methu Mc Donald of UK, Val Methu of UK, Peninah Methu of Kenya, Nyambura Kamau of Gilgil,Kenya.

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She was cousin to: Roy Kuria USA , Cathy Bedwell USA , Joshua Methu USA , Marga Methu USA , Derrick Methu USA , Willy Mshila USA ,Jackie Gatoto,USA , Robert Gatoto, USA , Kimotho USA, Jane Nganga Australia, Pauline Wangui Kenya, Dennis Methu Kenya, Anthony Karoga Kenya, Faith Wangeci Kenya,Sharon Gachambi Dubai,Rose Watiri Kenya, Nancy Njeri Kenya, Nyagoite Kenya, Muthoni Kenya, Wanjiku Kamau Kenya, James Kimendero Kenya, Wanini Kamau Kenya, Fresia Wanjiku Kenya, Jamal Kimendero Kenya.

She was Auntie to: David Ndanganga, Jacob Ndanganga, Neema Wangui, Amos Ndanganga and others.

She was sister in law to; Ann  Mucura (previously Ann Maina)USA.

Friends and family are meeting at her home address:

12863 Sunnymeadows Dr,
Moreno Valley CA 92553,USA from 6:00 pm.

Your support and prayers are greatly appreciated.

You can donate towards her funeral expenses directly through :

James Moody(Husband)
Wells Fargo Bank
Account # 1006501477135
Routing #  122000247

Viewing will take place on thursday 6/26/14 at the Tillman’s Mortuary Riverside @ 3-7pm.
Address: 2874 10th St. Riverside CA 92507,USA.

Funeral service will be on 6/27/14 friday at KICC San Bernadino @
Address: 2171 W. Lincoln Ave. San Bernadino CA 92411,USA.

“No more pain, no more crying, at peace with Jesus, alive forever more”  Amen!

For more information please contact:

James Moody (Husband)
Tel # (909) 489-2650.
Jewel Wamuyu (Daughter)
Tel # (951) 536-0334
Joseph Ndanganga (Brother)
Tel # (909) 343-3744

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