Photos/Video:President Uhuru’s New Armoured Personnel Carrier


On Sunday, the nation saw the full might of the Presidential Escort Unit or the Recce Squad or the KDF depending on who you ask.

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s security detail took nothing to chance perhaps guided by the recent security situation in the country. It’s not clear whether there has been any direct threat on the president, but it very probable.

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Nyayo stadium was converted into some kind of fort, with the army surrounding its entire perimeter. Every single person entering the stadium was screened, in the process limiting the likelihood of weapons getting through to nearly zero. Not even bottles of water or lotion could enter the gates.

As is custom, the president took the ceremonial lap round the stadium. His usual open Land Rover Defender was a no show, and its place was a customized Toyota Land Cruiser, with a bullet proof glass. This was definitely an unpleasant surprise to anyone who may have had the thoughts of taking a shot.

Apart from the new ‘C in C’ vehicle, a new armored personnel carrier was part of the president’s motorcade. On first glance, it looked like a Hummer or a Knight XV but it wasn’t.

Knight XV


It turns out the vehicle is an RCV Survivor I, a reconnaissance and command vehicle made by ACHLEITNER for Military and Paramilitary forces. It weighs 8 tonnes and can withstand the impact from the explosion of a 50 kg IED according to It has a maximum cruise speed of 110km/h.

The price tag is not clear but it’s believed to be in the tens of millions.

Here are some pics of the new addition to the President’s motorcade.


Here’s a screen grab from K24 (who unfortunately got the vehicle’s make wrong) showing the logo.

The vehicle came fitted with a machine gun on top, with recce guys taking turns to keep vigil. Also making up the president’s motorcade were at least 6 identity black Toyota VXs. The leading vehicle, also a VX, is equipped with gadgets that can detect explosives about 2 kilometres away according to K24.

Here are photos, that will now put President Uhuru’s motorcade on the map of the most lethal in Africa.

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