Raila sets tough rules for Tononoka rally,scoffs at many ‘security’ men around Cord leaders


“These meetings are not the normal political rallies. They are consultative forums with the people of Kenya. Politicians will not be allowed to address the rallies but listen to grievances from Kenyans,” Cord leader Raila Odinga.

Cord leader Raila Odinga on Saturday evening set out tough rules for today’s meeting at Tononoka ground and the remaining Cord rallies across the country.

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The former Prime Minister said no one wants to kill him and lashed out at politicians’ security details for being overzealous in rallies.

“These are the people who bring tension in the meetings because they have no discipline,” he said.

“You push one another thinking someone wants to kill Raila yet you are all my people,” said ‘Baba’.

Cord should show that they are organised and disciplined in all they do, he said.

He said the politicians’ security details would not be allowed on or anywhere near the dias. He accused them of causing tension by being hyperactive.

“Let us put the security people behind because those youth put as security guys cause even more insecurity. They push and pull yet there is no danger,” said Raila.

He was speaking at a hotel on Saturday evening during a dinner meeting who met over 30 MPs, governors and senators prior to the grand rally at Tononoka on Sunday.

Raila warned Cord politicians against elevating themselves to superior beings in their countrywide rallies.He said the meetings are not chest-thumping sessions or popularity contests.

“These meetings are not the normal rallies. They are consultative forums with the people of Kenya,” said Raila.

He said there will be no recognition of politicians present in the rallies as is the case in other political rallies.

“Even if you are not mentioned in recognition, what is wrong with that?” he posed to the politicians.

“We don’t want to waste our time on formalities. That will not happen tomorrow. Everyone will be a normal Kenyan citizen,” said the Cord principal, who was also accompanied by co-principal Moses Wetang’ula.

Only representatives of various groups would be allowed to speak on the dias as the politicians listen.

Each of representatives of workers, businessmen, persons with disabilities, religious groups, security, youth, women, and the minorities, among others, will speak.

“Then we will come to pass the resolutions, which will be like the aspirations of the people of the Coast,” he told the politicians.

The Mombasa county government sponsored 100 people for a flight back to Nairobi on Sunday evening after the rally.

Those given priority would be the MPs, senators and governors and other dignitaries.

Mombasa senator Hassan Omar announced that the county government had secured a 100-seater plane for the flight.

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