Video:Kenyans criticise ‘Campus Diva’ girl who prefers dating older men

Kenyans online have lashed out at a female university student featured on TV highlighting her preference for dating older wealthy men.

The story on ‘Campus Divas’ aired by NTV on Wednesday depicted a young medical student narrating her obsession with dating the older men to sustain her expensive lifestyle.

The story is titled ‘Campus Diva – Confessions of a University Student,’ featuring Catherine Aluoch, a second year student at the University of Nairobi.

Ms Aluoch explained to the NTV reporter how her love for fine things in life – like going out to expensive restaurants and living outside campus in a good house – has led to her obsession.
However, Kenyans on Twitter were irked at the student’s confession, with some even terming it a disgrace to the university fraternity.

Mwongela Francis tweeted “That #CampusDiva narrative is a mess in our Universities! Cant these kids do what they are to do?”

James Ndungu tweeted, “Very disappointed by that young girl. Someone just talk to her before we bury her soon. She is on the wrong lane in life. #campusdiva.”
Some expressed their disappointment with the modern day parenting blaming it for the student’s lifestyle.

Caleb Samuel tweeted, ‘#CampusDivas I pity their parents.”

Mercie tweeted ‘#CatherineAluoch ni #CampusDiva needs some therapy and maybe some parents scolding: Divas have some class.”


The story was featured in the NTV News on Wednesday evening and by Thursday morning; hashtag #campusdiva was trending number one in the country.

Gloria Nyanaro tweeted, “#campusdiva, am so sad for her. Chic thinks that these men don’t know what is going on. They do.”

Robert Alai tweeted, “That #CampusDiva doesn’t look ‘so up there’ like she says.”

Benjamin Mungai tweeted, “It sickens me to my stomach, the gratification of one’s perceptions of “good life” will doom your life. #CampusDiva’

Charles Mwabili tweeted, ‘#CampusDiva – Shameless woman, where are your morals! So you thought you will be congratulated for your wayward lifestyle, uh!’


For some people online however, the female student’s life was her choice and there was nothing wrong with her choosing to live her life that way.

Winnie tweeted in her defence: ‘I wonder why people are attacking this #CampusDiva when she’s just living her life.’

Valentine Rutto said, ‘People shouldn’t be judged by what they say or what they do maybe there’s something that makes her that way #CampusDiva.’
Other issues that Kenyans discussed on Twitter was the cancellation of the Wednesday advertised tender to airlift the president’s speeches.

The tender that had been advertised by the Interior ministry headed by CS Joseph Ole Lenku wascancelled after Kenyans online reacted angrily.

The Interior ministry tweeted that “CS @joelenku will cancel the tender appearing in today’s @dailynation page 37. The ministry will adopt modern methods.”
Kenyans went on twitter to congratulate the move of cancelling the tender.

Ruxeny Good to know the speech tender has been cancelled. #kusemanakutender.

Boniface Mwangi tweeted, ‘Kenyans on twitter have made the government cancel the tender for “airlifting of presidential speeches.” Kudos #KOT.’

Enock tweeted, ‘Until this time he didn’t know of the modern methods?’

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