Willy Paul – It’s a Shame That Even Men are Bleaching


The bleaching discussion has got everyone talking thanks to Vera Sidika. With the socialite making it to the global platform, it appears the discussion is not about to end anytime soon.

Local public figures have been chipping in and voicing their opinions on the matter and the latest is gospel star, Willy Paul. According to Willy Paul it is shameful that even men are picking up the trend.

Here’s what the post read

“Today morning I was listening to one fm discussion. .. bout how girls are bleaching their skin… please stop this bleaching idea… its so shameful that even men are following the same path… God is watching you.. are you trying to prove God wrong? That he made a mistake ? Dnt get me wrong.. am not pointing any fingers…. just felt its good to let it out… “


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