Word of the Day:Trust God with your Finances

We are to be good stewards of everything God has given us including our finances. If a person gets his attitude toward money straight, it will help straighten out almost every other area in his life. What then are you doing with your finances? Do you consult God in how you spend your money so as to honor him?

In relation to this there are some things we can do so as to be wise in handling our finances. We should do a check up to be sure that we are following God’s priorities. For example, are you giving to Him through tithes and offerings, giving to those in need, taking care of family needs and not letting money control us?

We should also ask God for wisdom and He will direct us in making wise decisions especially financially. Finally we should trust God and make the decision rather than postponing or avoiding it by using the knowledge and wisdom we have gained through God and his word. Remember the closer we walk with God, the clearer we see His guidance.

For the LORD gives wisdom, and from his mouth come knowledge and understanding.
Proverbs 2:6


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