Inspiration:God is in control not out of control

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Last week, we were getting ready for our Monthly meeting in Stockton, CA. It had been a week full of bad news not only from Stockton, but from all over the world. However, Stockton in particular being a city we have been praying for and where we hold our monthly meetings every fourth Saturday of the month, had a significant impact in our spirits as intercessors. There was a bank robbery where robbers took hostages. They took a woman who was getting money out of any ATM and used her as a human shield against the police and she was killed during gun exchange. In the same week, there were several murders in the city and residents held a protest against police brutality. We have learned that when things get worse, in most cases it is an indication that God is about to bring forth the answer to the prayers that have come to him through the standing in the gap of his people. This is because the more intense his faithful pray the enemy intensifies his resisting power to bring hindrance and delay our prayers. However, as he does so the all-powerful God who cast the devil down here with half of his angels, still has power over him. When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of God will raise a standard against him! (Isaiah 59:19). Do not fix your eyes on the current news, but let the spirit of the living God be the one to interpret for you what he is saying through the events of the world. Do not waste your time being stuck on what is happening, or asking yourself whether the Lord’s coming is at hand. The truth of the matter is, if you are ready, then nothing should worry you.

Do not let anxiety rule over your life. Revelation 2:7 says, “Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To the one who is victorious, I will give the right to eat from the tree of life, which is in the paradise of God”. So the question becomes how do we hear God in this hour, how do we develop an ear for what the Spirit is saying?  Hearing from God begins with having a relationship with him, because then the God given conscious is awakened in you. This is a life that is lived and led by the spirit of the living God. If you read the whole of Revelation chapter 2, you will notice that God is speaking to different churches of bodies of believers in different cities. Churches do not indicate denominations; remember God does not understand denominations or religions, he understands relationship. I strongly believe that in times like these God speaks through global events. Granted, we may try to figure out what he might be saying by our own understanding, and our religious, cultural or denominational teaching and beliefs. However, we will miss the move of God and his voice if our eyes are on what is going on around us and not what is going on in the spiritual realm.


The fear and the torment of a doomed future haunt many through world’s events; many have lost hope in life. Many have walked away from God and fallen into demonic and false doctrines, thinking God has lost control and some other powers have taken over. The truth of the matter is God, is still the sovereign God. He is in control in spite of what is going on in the world today.  So this week as you watch the news as a child of God, ask him what he is saying to you, and what you should be doing as an individual.  Before God speaks to the corporate church, he first deals with those individuals that have a broken heart towards him. God has a remnant in this nation and the nations of the world. Be part of that remnant by having a spiritual ear. You have to live deliberately, you have to resist thoughts of defeat, anxiety, depression, and you have to believe what the word of God says over you and your destiny. Ask the spirit of God to help you become alert and sober in the spirit.  We live in a time and generation that many cannot longer be restored by human compassion or charitable acts, but by those the Father is drawing to himself.


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So throughout this week, let us stand in the gap and pray like this, “For the sake of your people Lord hear our petitions to you o Lord, rescue the perishing, heal the wounded, and loosen the chains that bind many to sin and set them free Lord for your own glory” Amen!!! Remember, God does not do anything on earth except for his glory.


Till next time, have a victorious week!


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By Evangelist Isabella Mwango 

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