Picture Of A Kenyan Child Clutching A Beer Bottle Sets Off Online Outrage!!!!

A picture doing rounds on social media depicting an alleged Kenyan child whose mouth is covered in froth and is holding on to a bottle of a popular beer has caused quite the uproar.


The picture was shared by one Odindo Ayieko under the caption, “If you know the parents to this kid pls report to the nearest Mututho….this is unacceptable”

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It shows a young boy, probably under 4 years holding an open beer bottle with froth around his mouth. He seems to be seated on an adult whose hand holds the lower part of the full bottle for support, which also happens to be frothy at the mouth giving life to the assumption that the young boy has had a sip of its contents.

In Kenya, underage drinking is a punishable crime by law. The legal drinking age is 18 years.



Here are some of the comments from people who were shocked by the image…

huyu alianza kwa tumbo.


He resembles nani si unamjua.


This is an oh my God situation. Not funny at all…if thats what they thought it is.


Surely who does this to his kid?


you should be the first person to report this! Ulitoa hii picha wapi buda? ama wewe ndio ulimpiga picha?


Good grief…no comment….



…U will be arrested my friend? Pull this one out quick


This truly a Bad joke to whoever did this.


What is your opinion of the picture? Should Mututho take action on this matter?


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