Rwanda warns Kenya opposition

RWANDA is concerned by the insecurity and threats posed by terrorists in Kenya. The Speaker of its Senate, Jean Damascene Ntawukuliryayo, said the security situation in Kenya creates a threat peace in the region.

He told the Kenya government that Rwanda is ready to support any initiative that will ensure peace in the region. Ntawukuliryayo urged the Kenyan opposition leaders to “watch their utterances”.

“Rwanda is strongly concerned. We are looking at whatever is happening with keen interest. Rwanda is at your service in case you want any help,” he said.

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Ntawukuliryayo, who is in the country on an official tour, was speaking during a meeting with the two Speakers of Kenya’s Parliament yesterday. He separately met Ekwee Ethuro, Justin Muturi and the Senate Defence Committee.

Ntawukuliryayo is expected to address the Senate this afternoon. He said security matters are sensitive and require concerted efforts by actors within and outside the government.

“Let the [Kenyan] opposition watch its utterances because security is not a preserve of the government. They must speak the same language as the government and help eliminate threats of terror,” Ntawukuliryayo said.

He called on the five EAC states to work together in developing a common understanding and strategy to ensure peace in the region. Ekwee briefed his counterpart on the history of the Kenyan senate and its mandate in the new constitutional order.

“The Senate of Kenya is here to stay. Nothing else can happen to it the challenge is for the members its role cascades to the villages,” he said. Muturi told his visitor Rwanda had preceded Kenya in adopting a presidential system of government where cabinet secretaries do not sit in the House. “There is a lot the two countries can learn from each other because our history is more or less the same,” Muturi said.


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