US trip not for two weeks – Council of Governors


The Council of Governors has said that the planned trip to the US by a delegation of the council will last for four days not two weeks as reported in the media.

In a statement, the council said that the annual general meeting of the United States National Governors Association which the delegation led by the Council’s chairman, governor Isaac Ruto  will attend will run  from July 10 to 13.

The Governors’ Council further said that the trip is being facilitated by USAID.

“The main aim of this attendance is to study on how institutions of devolved systems interact with each other to promote devolution, to learn and to adopt best practices from the National Governors Association by gathering and documenting a collection of experience and “best practices” that will be useful within the broader governance context of the devolution process in Kenya.” the council said.

The Council further added that the trip will help enhance understanding of the principles and practices of devolution as a way of democratic governance while intensifying the commitment by governors to improve the process of devolved governance in Kenya.


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