Contradiction? Joho,a Referendum supporter calls for a stop of electioneering mood


Mombasa governor Hassan Joho has asked leaders to stop putting the country into an electioneering mood.

He said there was no need to clamour for votes as if the elections are around the corner.

Mr Joho said politicians should wait for the next general election in 2017.

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He asked leaders to assist women in their efforts to achieve economic empowerment.

“I am not seeking for any votes as I know the election is in 2017 and it’s our responsibility as leaders to lead by example in serving our people and especially women in their campaign to achieve economic independence,” said Mr Joho on Monday.

He made the remarks during the launch of table banking at the Government Training Institute in Mombasa. The event was graced by Deputy President William Ruto’s wife Rachel Ruto.


Mr Joho urged women to unite and bury their political differences so as to tackle economic problems facing them.

He appealed to leaders in the area to unite women to form groups which will serve as platforms to acquire wealth.

“We at the county government will facilitate implementation of projects of your choice so as to enable women achieve their development desires.” added Mr Joho.

Addressing the participants, Mrs Ruto urged women across the country to form groups to take advantage of a government’s directive for 30 per cent of all public procurement be reserved to women and youth.

She urged women to make use of the table banking concept to boost savings and investments in a bid to empower their lot, and eradicate poverty.

“Women should organize themselves in groups to take advantage of the emergent financial innovations to complement efforts aimed at uplifting their living standards,” said Mrs Ruto.

Others who spoke at the event were the Mombasa County Women Representative Mishi Juma.

Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho (right) join residents in a procession along Moi Avenue in Mombasa to mark the beginning of Mombasa International Cultural Festival on August 21, 2014. PHOTO | KEVIN ODIT

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