Inspiration:God’s good plans for you-When God troubles the waters

There are mornings you wake up and find yourself disturbed; disturbed because you are not so sure that things are going as well as they are expected..Whenever that happens, its possible that God has something or everything to do with it. How so?
The University of Hard Knocks has taught me that there are times when God troubles the waters so that He can fulfill His plans for a certain individual
So, whenever you find yourself troubled for no apparent reason, pray like you have never prayed and plead with God to show you the way. He sure knows the end from the beginning. What you should not do, though, is to go a head of God. Never even think about that. Just follow where He leads
Do you feel troubled and/or perplexed this morning? Hang on to God and never let Him go until He has blessed you. Have a wonderful day and make sure that you read Jeremiah 29:11

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