Video/Photos:President Uhuru dancing with Diaspora kids in USA.


President Uhuru Kenyatta had a lot of fun  interacting with Kenyans living in the US.At one time,he came down from the podium and joined Baltimore Diaspora children who were dancing to the tune of “Am coming home,Rudi Nyumbani”

In this well attended meeting,he pleased the many Diaspora Kenyans who were present by making several announcements  to empower them to play a bigger role in the country’s economy

1,He issued a directive on a long-standing issue of those who live in countries using left hand drive vehicles who were not allowed to relocate back with their cars to allow such individuals to import a vehicle of similar value to the one they own in their country of residence without paying duty.

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2,He instructed Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich to fast-track a plan to float a Government bond specifically targeting the diaspora, something  talked about when he was the Finance Minister. He advised those working and living in foreign nations to organise themselves so that they can engage the Government in a collective manner and also to take advantage of their financial strength as a group instead of making individual small-scale investments.

3,He assured Kenyans in diaspora that they will vote in the next elections. He said that the diaspora must vote like other Kenyans to chart decisions that affect their destiny and we will give all the support the IEBC needs to ensure that they take part in the 2017 elections.

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