Death announcement of former Diasporan Waceke Gitome, daughter of Pastor Gitome


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Joy Waceke Gitome MbuiWe announce the sudden death of Joy Waceke Gitome Mbui, 31,formerly of Takoma Park, Maryland who passed away on Friday, September 12, 2014, at Nairobi Hospital.

Her father, Pastor David Gitome, went to visit her on Friday morning and during the visit she started coughing and looked quite ill (Her husband had been out of town and her young daughter was at a sleep over). Pastor Gitome took her to the hospital and upon arrival she was rushed to the ICU and diagnosed with severe Pneumonia. Her condition did not improve and shortly before midnight, the same day, Joy passed away peacefully, while holding both her parent’s hands and with a smile on her face.

Joy was laid to rest on Friday, September 19, 2014, in Nairobi. She was the beloved wife of Daniel Mbui and mother to Raquel Mbui, 4. She was the daughter to Pastor David Gitome and Mrs. Ada Gitome (formerly of Takoma Park, MD) and sister to Betty Mburu and Cecil Gitome.

Joy was known and loved by way too many people to enumerate. For all who knew her in Kenya and the diaspora, we would like to thank you for sharing your life with her and we are glad that you got to experience such a wonderful human being. We pray that you will celebrate her life by living your life to the fullest and while also preparing for eternal life. May God bless you!

You can Contact pastor Gitome on:

011 254 727 287 531


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