Inspiration:The sin of pride

Pride does more harm to an individual than they realize. Its side effects are very dangerous and includes the following:

1.In everything you do,You see yourself better than others

2.You conceive  and carry around the “Holy than thou” attitude/mentality

  1. Whenever you are in the company of others, you dominate the talk because you think that you know it all

4.Unwillingness to listen to other people’s ideas/opinions

5.You become wise in your own ways; yea, even by ignoring the biding of the Creator of the universe

6.You make yourself the standard by which you judge others

7.Your pride does not allow for spiritual growth

It might help to remember that:

  1. Its pride that led to the fall of Satan, once a morning star-Isaiah 14:12-15

2.Pride goes before the fall

There is no question that we are all victims of pride. The question is: “Are you willing to get rid of pride?” Yes, I am. What about you?

By Pastor Birai

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