Noted:Christianity lost its meaning-Worship Sundays,clubs Fridays, fornicate Wednesdays, tell lies Mondays

I love King Solomon. He said there’s no new thing under the sun, how true he was. The things that have been are  the same things which shall be and that what is done is what shall be done. I have noted that too.

I have learned that the wise are very observant. They engage their eyes more than they engage their mouths. They are more careful to listen than to speak. They would rather shut up than talk of what they do not know. On the other hand, those who know nothing try with all might to prove how much they know. They will speak the loudest, they don’t care if they make sense or not. It is so funny, I’m sure you have met them, if you are not one. I have noted again something about people who talk too much, they forget about what they told you then next time give you a completely different story! You get confused. They lie a lot, and are creative too.

In the Christendom,  there’s more than meets the eye. Forget about the holy looks people wear on Sundays. I know of one non- believer who will not come to church because he doesn’t see anything different in his life from the life of the Christians around him. They even do things that keep him shaking his head in pity. This is quite unfortunate. I have noted that believers, who can quote all verses on love and forgiveness will hold grudges against each other, oh sure! A pastor will preach on faithfulness and be caught red handed pants down with someone, it could even be the praise and worship leader! It is happening. So Christianity has lost its meaning. We worship on Sundays, go to clubs on fridays, fornicate on Wednesdays, tell lies all Mondays and life goes on. After all it our lives to live and life is too short not to have fun. Fun is gotten wrong. People are saved but think, talk, live like non believers. Am I the only one noting this? Well anyone who does not imitate Christ is not a Christian.

The past for sure has a way of shaping our future, depending on how we let it. Have you met people who will say “I am just like that.” or “You don’t know what I went through, I cannot change.'” I am talking of people who will use their past to cover for their ill behavior. It is so annoying. No one chooses where they came from, but we have control of where to drive our lives to. Just like you, everyone has a past too.You can imagine how the world would look like if we all kept weeping and blaming our past. No matter what you have been through, you have a choice to let it drown you or move on and face life with sobriety. So next time someone someone tells you “All men are dogs” because one man abused her, or the father did not take care of here, remind her that someone somewhere calls all women bitches because he was left to grow up in the streets. My point is, you choose whether or not to keep what life throws at you. Everyone has a past, some cases are even worse than yours. Don’t blame the past for what you have control over.

I have noted that most of us adore people, relationships, more than our God. That’s why when people disappoint us, it seems like the world is coming to an end. We hurt, we hate with the same magnitude we loved. No body is perfect, no one will ever be. The closest people to us will betray us, after all who cares what a stranger has to say about us? They don’t know us. If anyone will cause you pain, it will be your beloved one. It is inevitable. Jesus had Judas, and we all have a Judas somewhere in our lives, they will come. Love people unconditionally without expecting anything in return, so you will not be surprised or completely broken if they turned out to be the worst of what you could never  imagine. Let God have the first place in your life, and it will not matter who comes and leaves, but that God will always be with you, and is for you. Forgive and let go, then let God fight your battles.

I have noted. I keep noting.

By Liz Ekakoro:Diaspora Messenger contributor/Kenyan in Ukrain

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