Referendum:Keep Off Nakuru,Tharaka Nithi Is Wrong


I don’t support the Raila-led calls for a referendum. I think President
Uhuru Kenyatta continues to make a good case for not making changes to a ‘house
that Kenyans only moved into barely a year and a half ago,’ referring of course
to how long his Jubilee administration has been in office, and how long it’s
had to operationalize constitutional provisions.

Still, calls by the Governor of Nakuru and the Senator of Tharaka Nithi for
Raila to keep off their counties are not only uncalled for, but clearly go
against the grain of the Constitution which protects free speech and

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Do you sometimes wonder to yourself what actually happens to the mind of an
erstwhile noted constitutional scholar when he tastes political power?

One reason that I’m an enduring fan of John Adams is this: at the height of
British colonial aggression towards Massachusetts, and after a tragic incident
that saw American lives lost at the hands of the ‘Red coats,’ Adams, much to
the chagrin and condemnation of his fellow Bostonians, led the defense against of
the British soldiers against murder charges.

They were all acquitted.

Most curiously, shortly after the conclusion of this divisive court case,
Boston city council leaders visited Adams at his home in order to plead with
him to run for City council……quite the head turner, no?

My wish is that Kenya has, in the words of former VP Moody Awori, leaders
“who are mad” sticklers for the law.

Finally, take a stick in your hand. Quickly run it through a pond of water. See
how a line forms? But do you see how instantly that line vanishes?

That’s Mbugua and Kindiki…..if they continue to behave as though the
Constitution’s worth is no more than that of toilet paper which we barely want
to look at and promptly discard after its use.

What binds a nation will always be the strength of its Collective
Consciousness. But consciousness is abstract and can only be experienced in its
absolute state when through Transcendental Meditation, the mind settles down to

In the relative world, this binding of the hopes, yearnings and aspirations of
a people is expressed in the language of a document called the Constitution. We
all need to treasure it, that means treat it with reverence, honor it and be
truthful to its contents.

May all Kenyans be passionate, nay rabidly mad, defenders of their

Author: Mugo Muchiri aka the Son of Ndunge.

Email: [email protected]

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