The Spirit of Harambee Shines Bright in the Dallas Kenyan Community

Patricia Brown, Georgie Mokuasi and Dominic Ondabu

2014 has been a challenging year for the Dallas Kenyan Community. It began with the tragic loss of 24 year old Kenyan, Brian Gitenya, whom was only visiting Dallas to visit friends. Though he was unknown in this area, the African community gathered together in a massive fundraising effort spearheaded by the greater Kenyan community of Dallas. I personally participated and witnessed the raising of over $30,000 in one night which relieved the young man’s mother of the hefty task to send her son back to Kenya. It seems since Brian’s transition we have seen back to back loses of young Kenyan jewels. One man has stepped up to galvanize support for grieving families. His name is Georgie Mokuasi, and I had the blessing to sit down and get some insight on how the Dallas Kenyan community has been able to accomplish such success in the deeply rooted African tradition of funeral fundraising.

George Mokuasi stepped up in the midst of tragedy to handle the business needed to continue the financial stability of the organizations.

“The first [fundraiser] we did as a team was Brian Gitenya, and the DFW Kenyan community showed love to someone they did not even know. We have been involved in many [funerals], if I start to name them that might not be good for the family members. The community always comes together and we realize $15,000 – 25,000. I MC’d many [events] and we manage to raise $25,000-$30,000. This happens almost every weekend. We have the spir

it of Harambee from our founding father, Jomo Kenyatta.”

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