Video:HBO’s Westgate Documentary Leaks Online Hours Before Premiere

It was a big blow for American cable giant HBO after what promised to be their documentary of the decade leaked online hours before premiere.

Terror at The Mall looks at events surrounding the Westgate attack. Revealing never seen before footage, the documentary is quite something. Director Dan Reed worked on the project for over a year, interviewing multiple victims and showing us their exact positions during the attack as captured by the over 100 security cameras that were inside the mall.

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Apart from telling the survival stories, Terror at the Mall highlights the incredible failure by Kenya’s security forces, who took several hours before making an entry into the mall. When they finally did, it was confusion galore as the soldiers fired at the Police squad, killing a few in the process.

It is not clear how the documentary was leaked on YouTube, but it is thought that one of participant uploaded it, since they were given advance access.

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