Wow:Isaac Ruto challenge Uhuru on resignation call


Bomet, Kenya: The Council of Governors has vowed to press on with the push for referendum despite rebuke by President Uhuru Kenyatta who told Jubilee county chiefs backing the crusade to resign.

CoG Chairman Isaac Ruto, who is also Bomet’s Jubilee governor, announced pro-referendum governors would in a week start collecting signatures from voters adding they target over 6 million.

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“We are not looking back in our push for a referendum and to prove all prophets of doom who are hell bent in ensuring that governors abandon the calls wrong, we will start collecting signatures next week,” Ruto said in Bomet on Sunday responding to demands that Jubilee governors who had defied the coalition’s position to quit and seek fresh mandate.

Terming the calls for resignation as unnecessary intimidation, Ruto said as governors they will not be cowed because they were exercising their constitutional right in protection of devolution.

Ruto said it was unfortunate that the president had resorted to using threats instead of addressing challenges facing devolution.

“Read our lips clearly, we are not about to resign or stop the calls for a referendum until we see enough resources coming to counties,” he said.

The Bomet governor added: “We are not going anywhere soon as we have a constitutional right to vote the way we want and we should not be threaten.”

He said Jubilee administration was for every Kenyan and its top leadership should stop being intolerant to other leaders and issuing threats to its governors.

Ruto said instead Jubilee government should be working round the clock to ensure that it fulfills its pre-election promises to the people that it would allocate adequate resources to the counties to foster development.

“Jubilee is for all of us. The coalition’s top leadership should not be intolerant to a stage of issuing threats and ultimatums to governors,” he said.

President Uhuru’s directive on defiant Jubilee governors unnecessary intimidation, says Isaac Ruto

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