DEATH STRIKES HOME!-Virginia Kirigo Mwango dies in Lebanon

Virginia Kirigo-Photo taken on Sept 22nd 2014 two weeks before her death.

A Kenyan Diaspora in Seattle Washington has lost a close friend in unexplained circumstance in Lebanon.Virginia Kirigo Mwango Traveled to Lebanon on August 25th 2014 to start a new job but six weeks later she was dead.Upon arrival in Beirut,Virginia went through very bad and unexplained experience that two weeks later,she was reported to have some mental illness and  was admitted in Hospital.She never left the hospital and she did not make it,she died few weeks later.

James Mwangi Wagura,who lives in Seattle and is a close neighbor of Virginia’s parents has written to the Kenya Government to assist  and to come up with a permanent solution to the never ending suffering of those going to the Middle East.Here below is his message and a letter from the recruiting agency in Nairobi.

The gruesome horrors of enslavement and mistreatment accorded to our sisters and daughters in the Middle East has hit home. In a case similar to many others in recent months, my neighbor’s child has been stabbed to death! Lord have mercy.

The news and effort by the govt. to curtail the many unscrupulous recruiting agencies are indeed welcome. However, permanent solutions ought to be found to stop this abusive enslavement of our naively determined job seeking sisters.

The forced labour, the forced confinement, the non-payment of wages, starvation, verbal and physical abuse but above all my friends, the rapes, the stabbings and the murders.

One major role of any govt. is to protect and defend its citizens wherever they may be! We have Consular offices and Ambassadors in these countries, yet mutilated bodies of these dedicated girls keep landing at JKIA. Something ought to be done

-By Diaspora Messenger

Virginia Kirigo

Virginia Kirigo

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