ICC confidential materials:David Matsanga Vs Fatou Bensouda


On 4 July 2014 I filed an application with the ICC Appeal Chamber 5 seeking permission to publish confidential materials that include 15 names of people and Kenyan and international NGOs that helped the Chief Prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo and Fatou Bensouda both past and present of ICC to – select ICC suspects,to procure witnesses, to coach witnesses, to bribe witnesses and above all to induce evidence that has led to miscarriage of Justice in the ICC . I did this so as to help the court and the public in Kenya to know the guys and fat cows of NGOs who feasted on the blood of others and created a misery for the suppects


On 17July 2014 Madam Chief Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda was taken to task by Appeal Chamber 5 to give reasons as to why I should not publish that information which is very crucial to the determination of these cases and crucial to both defence lawyers in both cases because part of the problem is the manner in which Kenyan cases without a threshold found their way into ICC .


In her response that was posted on ICC website and was not delivered to me until I telephoned the Court Management services and wrote emails to them ,is when it was delivered to me on Wednesday at 4.35 pm at my location in Nairobi. In this application which is Confidential Exparte only available to Prosecutor and David Nyekorach Matsanga because of the nature of sensitivity and confidentiality , the Chief Prosecutor instead chose to insult me and called me several names on earth and went to the extend of calling me “VEXATIOUS LITIGANT” and many other things that remain confidential by court order which I observe up to day.


.She annexed several documents that were collected from Internet citing several fake cases in the world for the sake of protecting herself from a simple Pan African Lay man who has no huge resources to challenge her huge lies that sodden the ICC court on daily basis.


On 24July 2014 I made comments in reply to her comments to Appeal Chamber 5 calling her “VEXATIOUS LIAR “whose integrity and credibility stinks and will sink the ICC image in Africa. I answered word by word and attached several Annexes that I have personally delivered this morning to to the registry for Appeal Chamber 5 so that they can make a direction on a confidential matter whose details I will not discus anywhere except between God and court and chief prosecutor.


Since the ICC website does PR for the court and only mentions my name in bad light when we are all equal in terms of facts on these cases and worse fails to inform equally of what other participants of the court have filled, I am obliged to inform millions of my followers and supporters in the Public court in the world that confidential motions cannot be discussed in detail and this is what has happened between me and the latest in the kenyan cases .


Further details can be obtained from the official ICC website about all my cases filled in this court to save my Pan African brothers who have been falsely and politically charged by agents regime change in Kenya.


Nothing will soften or dilute my patriotism and courage to take on Fatou Bensouda who has turned criminal court into some “economic court of ICC ” where crimes against humanity have changed to “economic crimes ” where details of land and money and shareholding is the basis of the case against President Uhuru Kenyatta.The other saga of the fabricated case one where rumor , lies , and comedy of drama video has characterized the Deputy President William Ruto and Arap Sang’s case. This is sad !


Finally I want to thank all of you who have contributed and encouraged me to fight on despite the many obstacles i get on this journey of volunteerism .Your ideas and advice continue to give me strength in seeking justice for both suspects and victims of PEV in Kenya and in Africa in general .


Dr.David Matsanga
The Hague Netherlands

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