Photo:Chinese Man Roasting Maize in Nairobi streets


Chines man roastingNo developing third world country can develop without knowledge transfer with the developed world, yes our country needs more foreigners to visit and stay.

Someone sent this picture of a Chinese trader in Nairobi busy doingmaize chomain one of the back streets of the CBD. This is very interesting, the Chinese can do any job! You will not find a white/European/American person roasting maize in the streets of Nairobi or anywhere in Africa.

It is alleged that Chinese are even hawking second hand clothes on the streets of Nairobi and elsewhere, this is why City Council bribery magnets are getting fatter by the day.

We need to learn from the Chinese how to nurture micro enterprises like the maize roasting or mitumba hawking etc.

Soon the hawking Chinese hustlers will graduate to retail chain as our cash trapped hawkers stagnate in hawking forever.

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