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Ultimatum to Saudi Ambassador-Save Kenyan girls suffering in Saudi Arabia

Njeri mwauraThe Arabs living and working in Kenya, including those from Saudi Arabia, are treated with respect and dignity. Foreigners living in Kenya are never discriminated on color, race or origin.  Saudi Arabia should reciprocate the hospitality of Kenya with similar treatment to Kenyans living in Saudi Arabia, regardless of color differences. But in recent years, Kenyan girls in Saudi Arabia are mistreated and killed. I am pleading to human rights organizations in the world to come to the rescue of the innocent and helpless Kenya girls in Saudi Arabia whose lives  are great danger.
Open Letter to
The Ambassador
The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia
601 New Hampshire Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20037.
Your Excellency,
                          RE: TORTURE, AND MURDER OF KENYAN GIRLS
                          IN SAUDI ARABIA:
                          Kenyans are disappointed and angered by the continuous torture and murder of Kenyan girls who went to Saudi Arabia  for greener  pastures. Very many Kenyan girls have been murdered while very many others are undergoing horrific torture. The girls are helpless and unable to return to Kenya because their passports were confiscated on arrival in Saudi Arabia. Surprisingly the Saudi Government has lent a deaf ear to the the cries from those girls and from Kenyans from different areas of the world. The Saudi Government neither seem to care at all about the fate of the Kenyan girls, nor the diplomatic action taken by the Kenyan Government against  these menace.
For a number of years in the past, very many young Kenyan girls were persuaded by certain agents in Kenya, to accept offers to go to Saudi Arabia to work as house help in numerous homes, where  house help was in high demand. Once in Saudi Arabia, their passports were confiscated. Soon latter,  most of them found themselves as sex slaves before they were mysteriously murdered.  Many others are undergoing unbearable torture today.
I am writing this letter to demand for an explanation from your office. Your office should explain  why the Saudi Government has failed to protect the Kenyan girls who went to live and work in Saudi Arabia, from continuous torture and murder. Your office should also explain why the Saudi Government would not compensate the families of those girls who have been mysteriously murdered there. The Saudi Government has had queries and cries from very many Kenyans including the families of the victims, and has so far taken no action.
Your Excellency, your office has until December 2014 to explain this predicament. If there will be no explanation regarding those heinous actions committed to the innocent Kenyan girls in Saudi Arabia by December this year, we will aggressively begin preparations for a protest in front of the Saudi Arabia Embassy in Washington, DC,  The protest will commence on 1st. of July 2015 to 3rd. of July 2015. And if that particular protest will not yield results,  we will organize for many more protests afterwards until we get an answer from your office regarding the fate of our girls.  By copy of this letter, I plead with President Barack Obama, Human rights Watch, Transparency International and the Amnesty International, to build concerns over this matter.
Isaac Newton Kinity.
PO Box 4365
Hamden, CT 06514
Tel: 2036759354

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